October 6, 2005 by BULLJAUDON
Hi all, just got back Monday after spending 4 days and nights in New Orleans, Lake Charles, Houston, and all points in between.

We started in Baton Rouge, were assigned a abulance, a unit number, and told to wait.

No radios, we gave a dispatcher our cell numbers so they could try to contact us once we were in the field. 0230hrs., told to convoy 8 units to Lake Charles and standby. There is no electricity down here, very little running water, the only food is MRE's, and anything you bring ...
September 23, 2005 by BULLJAUDON
We just got the word. Pack up, get ready to leave on a moments notice.
We'll be going to a staging area, gearing up, strapping on our "tools", jumping on choppers, and flying in.
This time it wil be Texas, not Louisiana.
I hope we don't have to wear bullet proof vests this time, or get shot at.
We'll be assigned to the 82nd Airborne, for rescue duties.
Should be "another" adventure of a lifetime.
I'll tell you all the stories you won't and don't see on the news. They can't and won't go whe...
September 3, 2005 by BULLJAUDON
I just got home from "Ground below Zero". You can't imagine the situation there from the news reports on tv.

I was shot at. Swam in I don't know what, dead bodies, human waste, chemicals, you name it.

We would try to rescue someone, and be under attack from someone else because we didn't got to them first.

The thugs rule the night.

In the U.S. of A. I never thought that I would see people acting like this.

I'm a combat veteran, a paid Proffessioal FireFighter of 25 years, and ...
November 10, 2004 by BULLJAUDON
I have a truck. Acctually I have more than one. I have three. I live in the south, in the country, on a small 15 acre piece of land.

One of these trucks, is "the" truck though. Stay with me here.

My Pop bought this truck new in 1967. I have an old Polaroid tear off picture of me when I was 8 in the bed of this truck the day he brought it home from the dealership. It was our escape vehicle. I Iook at it and can remember all the camping, fishing, hunting, and road trips I used to take wi...